Why Disney+ is a Mom’s best friend…

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During this era of Stay-At-Home orders and 24/7 parenting where simultaneous homeschooling and working from home are happening, keeping a family engaged is an heroic task. And, let’s be honest, keeping a family from melting down is an heroic task as well.

Every day we wake up and try to have some sort of schedule with each person having a to-do list, but we are heavily reliant on technology. Enter Disney+. While there are lots of resources on other platforms, Disney+ has become my best friend.

Since my kids are not quite to the age where they are self-sufficient, it’s up to me to keep them entertained and Disney+ has allowed me to supplement our school activities with some fun tv-time.

Want your kids to explore Culinary Arts? Turn on Disney Be Our Chef.

One of your students interested in building or design? Enter Disney Shop Class.

Time for a history Lesson? You got it, hello, National Geographic.

Do you have a creative dreamer or budding artist in your family? Learn from the pros and watch the Imagineering Story.

These are just a few of the options we have been enjoying while at home, but there are lots more on our list like, The World According to Jeff Goldblum and all of the Disney Nature content.

The best part? As a Mom I don’t feel guilty letting them binge on this platform. Unlike other streaming services or options where the next click could be very inappropriate, almost all options on Disney+ are suitable for my elementary-aged kids.

We have even started taking “virtual field trips” over lunch and picking one of the National Geographic selections to watch while we eat our PB& J sandwiches.

Now, if I could only take a sick day…

Is Disney’s Riviera Resort for YOU?

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If you’re in the “selecting a resort” stage of your Disney vacation planning and are intrigued by Disney’s newest resort, I’ll offer up some insights from my stay at Disney’s Riviera Resort.Riviera outside

As part of the Disney Parks Moms Panel I was very lucky to be able to experience Disney’s Riviera Resort for a few nights in a 1-Bedroom Villa. While I loved everything about my stay and felt very pampered, this resort has some stark contrasts to others and strayed from my expectations in a few (not necessarily negative) ways.

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