Welcome aboard our dinner at the Skipper Canteen!

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At the time I am writing this review, we are only 1-day post vacation. Since this was an anniversary trip, sans kids (I know, I know…), we had the opportunity to try a lot of new experiences, including dining, that we normally wouldn’t brave with our boys in tow. One of those experiences was a dinner at the Jungle Navigation Co. LTD Skipper Canteen.

The location is pretty convenient from anywhere in Frontierland, Adventureland or near the main hub, as it sits right across from the Swiss family Treehouse. I have been eyeing up this restaurant as soon as it opened since the menu offered selections unlike anything else in Magic Kingdom. In my (don’t judge- but extensive) research, I have heard mixed reviews, but plowed ahead with our reservation- again mostly because it was just the two of us!

Overall, I will say we were both very pleased with our meal and experience. Continue reading